Super thin granite slabs


Thin granite slabs, Thin marble slabs, thin granite panels,

  • Super  thin slab in various extensive granite colors and marble colors for Selection and with the thin size (8mm~10 mm thickness, max 1200mm width, 2400 mm length)are good to use in various place which need lightweight panels and easy handle. We products super thin granite slabs and super thin marble slabs by our exclusive technology.  
    Super thin granite panels are extremely beautiful and more cost effective than most other wall and floor coverings. It renders a very graceful, natural finish to any building or home. Super thin marble slabs and thin granite panels can be further used to create a large variety of artifacts and things of use in the kitchen, living rooms or gardens. Absolute granite thin slabs are good for laser etched artworks .


Thin natural granite veneer , Thin natural marble veneer

Natural thin veneer stone (thin granite veneer, thin marble veneer) will offer alternatives to standard veneer stone

Thickness : 7mm, 9mm
Finish : super good polished surface with a supportive fiberglass or Aluminium-plastic backing

1. weight of thin stone veneer is light , easy to transfer , deliver and install, save labor cost
2. Save shipping cost , comparing to standard 20mm or 30 mm thickness stone veneer.


shanxi black granite thin panel

fiberglass back of thin granite slabs

Granite wall panels


Shower Base Wall Panels , Tub Surround panels

Size: 36" x 72" x 3/8 " , 42"x 72"x 3/8, 29"x72"x3/8"
Finish: polished surface, with fiberglass back
Popular color : Desert sunset ( Yellow granite ) , Autumn red granite , Black galaxy granite, Baltic brown granite, Beauty white granite etc.

Installing a tub surround is an easy way to upgrade bath and save walls from water damage.
We fabricate shower base wall panels for home and hotel project.

Lightweight stone panels for Wall Systems

Lightweight stone panels( granite panels and marble panels ) are good for external wall and inner wall ( as elevator wall ) .

Thin stone wall systems used for exterior building envelopes typically consist of stone panels (granite panels and marble panels ) ranging. Granite is the most commonly used stone type in thin stone wall systems.

We also supply relative items for external wall panels fixing .

granite wall panels

Thin granite panels for artworks

Thin granite panels ( thickness 8 mm ~ 10 mm , with fiberglass back ) are good for artworks and surface shower , such as laser etched surface show . The most polular is Absolute black granite , Shanx black granite .

Thin granite veneer countertop

We have our exclusive technology to produce 10 mm thickness kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops , with sinks cutout .

Thin granite veneer countertop

Thin Granite and marble Panel

 Thin granite and marble tiles for wall and bathtub surround

Finish: polishing top surface
Edge: slightly beveled on edges
Thickness : 10mm(3~4 mm granite or marble +7~8mm Ceramic )
Size: 305x305mm,,400x400mm,600x600 
Packing: 10 pcs per styrofoam box.
Tolerance of thickness : +/-0.4mm
Virtue of thin granite tiles and thin marble tiles
1) Easy to install and good for environment
2) Suitable for fixing on external wall , especial for skyscraper ,inner wall, elevator, ceiling
3) Low radiation

Thin granite panel , for artworks, bathtub surround , countertops

Finish : Polished surface Granite with fiberglass or Aluminum  back
Thickness :

(1) 7~8 mm granite + 1mm Fiberglass

(2) 4mm marble +3 mm Aluminum

Size : 36’’x96’’ ,  48’’x96’’ , 30’’x 96”.

Virtue of super thin granite panels and thin marble panels 

  1. Most suitable for Tub surround using
  2. Easy to install
  3. Save Freight
  4. Hard Enough , Because of fiberglass or Aluminum back
  5. Better for surface show, tub surround, elevator, ceiling, countertops


Popular products : Shanxi black granite thin slabs, ,G682 Granite thin slabs , G681 Granite thin slabs , Desert sunset granite thin slabs , black galaxy granite thin slabs .

Why use thin granite and marble panels ( thin granite veneer , thin marble veneer )?

Regarding environmental protection , super thin granite and marble panels will be more and more popular . It is very important to use super thin granite and marble panel instead of granite and marble in normal thickness ( 2 cm and more ) , because granite and marble are nonrenewable natural resources .

Super thin panel is good for save resources . Moreover , it can help save shipping freight . In the other hand , it is also good way to save oil resource.